Drum Lessons , Tailored for Your Learning Style

"Ben excels as a music instructor because his chops are remarkable, he's an excellent communicator, and he gives students skills they can put into action immediately. He can break down a beat into simple pieces, help the student coordinate their limbs in order to put those pieces together, and explain why and how the beat works -- tools a learning drummer can internalize and build on well into the future."

  - Brian LaRue

Drum Student,

Founder, Pet Rescue DIY Venue

Songwriter, Guitarist, Bassiste.

"Ben is an excellent drum teacher. He has a broad knowledge of many different rhythms and genres and an ability to break down complex new rhythm ideas into easy-to-learn sections. It’s extra helpful that the lessons are video recorded and posted online so I can follow along when I practice on my own. In addition to being a great teacher, Ben is a funny and personable guy and I always look forward to my next lesson with him."

- David Gojdic, Drum Student

"Benji's knowledge of, and love for the drums is authentic, deep, and infectious; and he shares that with everyone who is lucky enough to meet him.  He is the bandmate you want, and the teacher you love."

   -  Jon Dailey,

       Drummer, Kissed By An Animal,

       Guitarist/Singer, The Black Black

"Benji explains techniques really well, after first ascertaining your current skill level, and then offering new beats and sequences to work on from there. Full of knowledge and wit, Benji combines a great laid back style with years of experience and tips on useful application."

- Kelly Knapp,

Former Student

Singer, Feral Scouts