What Producers, Songwriters and Drum Students Say About Ben:


"I’ve had the good fortune to work with many great drummers and Benji easily holds his own with the best of them. He combines a vast technical ability and innate musicality with professionalism and enthusiasm that I would recommend to anyone.

- Arjun Agarwala


Stratosphere Sound/Fantastic Studio,

Hole, James Iha, Television, Depeche Mode, Michael Stipe, Heaven, Mark Crozer (Jesus and Mary Chain), ​​Fountains of Wayne, ​​America, Tinted Windows (Bun E. Carlos), Adam Franklin (Swervedriver), Ted Leo

"Benji came in to play on my songs  a few albums ago. We went through one rehearsal of about an hour when I showed him the songs and what I was looking for; a few days later he came into the studio and just crushed them. A joy to work with. The engineer made sure to get his contact info afterwards."

- Zach Stamler,

Producer, Zach Stamler Music

Live Engineer, The Breeders, Kim Deal, Violent Femmes, Deer Tick


“Onstage and in studio, Ben is firmly planted to the One without being confined by it. A seeker if ever there was one.”

- Duane Laughinger,

Producer & Engineer,

Timecastle Recordings

"I've had the pleasure of playing with Ben early in his career - even then, he was not just an excellent drummer with a professional attitude, but had an excellent grasp of tuning, groove - and most importantly, taste." 

         J. Tom Hnatow

        Producer, Engineer, Session Guitarist,

        Lexington KY


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"Ben Reynolds is the kind of drummer you dream of playing with. Focused on crucial rhythmic details but able to perceive the big picture of a song's arrangement, pounding when the beat needs to murder, then smoothly in the pocket when its time to shift the dynamic. He's not afraid of any genre, absorbs material at light speed, and is one of the most fun people to dissect and obsess over music culture with. My personal dream came true when Ben and I started playing in a Rush cover band together. Watching him destroy those Tom Sawyer fills gives me chills every time!"

-   Ben Haberland

Guitarist, Onesie,

Honeydew Diners (Rush Tribute)

Dashing Blumpkins (Pumpkins Tribute)


Ben is an incredibly creative drummer. He has a million ideas, and composes on the drum kit to fit and elevate each song. He's extremely dedicated to his instrument and the practice. “

Lisa Liu, Music Instructor and Solo Performer

"Ben is an excellent drummer, an enthusiastic band member and a pillar of the percussion community. You can hear his love of music in his playing, and he's a blast to work with. And he's a wonderful connector of people, organizing countless shows and events in Brooklyn and beyond."

- Sean Spada,

Music Instructor, Park Slope Music School Session Pianist

“I've been lucky to have played with Ben over various projects for over 5 years and in that time his mastery of the drums is nothing short of remarkable. He is that rare breed of technically proficient, but wildly creative. His grasp of music overall helps distinguish him from other percussionists as he is able to feel his way thru a song and help accentuate the ebbs and flows as opposed to get stuck in grooves or repetition. All this while maintaining a positive and fun attitude. “ 

- Manny Nomikos,


Catty, Gracie Mansion, Ilithios

“Having Ben play drums for my band was great on many levels. His skill and versatility of course- his ability to listen and apply them to your individual sound. What I think is equally, if not more important, was seeing Ben’s genuine enjoyment in participating in the band- whether it be musically or socially, he really was present through and through.”

Holly Overton, Solo Artist

Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 6.05.59 PM.png

"I've played with Ben in bands within the Brooklyn scene and in worship bands, and he is the epitome of a pro musician and drummer.  He always comes prepared and ready to play, with a great attitude and sense of humor.  Ben has great natural instincts and can play what is needed, whether it be chops galore or just staying in the pocket.  I would highly recommend him for your musical and drumming needs!"

– Justin Gonzales

Session Musician

Songwriter, Oracle Room, Slalomville, Libel

"When I pivoted from bass to playing drums, Benji was just the person to advise me on acquiring the gear I needed to start off on the right foot.  He meticulously combed through eBay and Reverb to get me the best deals he could find on used drum gear, and gave me infinite sage advice about drums and cymbals that helped me tremendously in making the right decisions.  I highly recommend seeking Benji for all your drumming needs!"

- Yoi Fujita,


Bassist, Howard Moon

What Band Leaders Say:

"Ben brings professionalism, creativity and excellence to every project. He brings great, positive energy to our band and he is one of the most talented musicians I have had the pleasure of working with."

-Danielle Cooper


Journey Church Worship Arts 

We needed someone to fill in on drums with my band at the last minute. Ben was able to learn the music very quickly. On top of that, he was very professional and played the tunes with great style. Highly recommended.” 

- Jonny Couch, Songwriter

What Drum Students Say:

"As a beginner to the drums, I found Benji's approach to teaching to be very encouraging. He is able to explain fundamentals in a clear and concise manner, and to demonstrate techniques at a pace that always feels manageable, but never unchallenging. I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn!” 

- Sean McRee,

Drum Student,


Chilton, Feral Scouts, The Black Black

"Ben gave me the foundation for my drumming. He is an encyclopedia for so many different feels/ rhythms that span multiple genres. He really personalizes each lesson and made it fun. Plus I got a little music history lesson in there too. He’s the best music teacher I’ve ever had” 

- Jummy Aremu

Drum Student,

Songwriter, War Violet